preparing for the workplace

Preparing our children for the future workplace

Technology is changing the world we live in – it’s helping many different industries thrive, and without it we wouldn’t be able to progress in many fields, such as medicine, innovating and improving the likes of supply chain and, more importantly, helping to preserve the environment and nature with the likes of artificial intelligence (AI).  It’s clear that technology will feature heavily in the future workplace and we should think carefully about preparing our children for that world.

Technology isn’t just used in the workplace though – it is changing many peoples’ lives on a personal level. For example, most people have smartphones such as iPhones and androids and can therefore communicate with whomever they like, as well as research anything they wish while on the go. It is estimated that there are over 5 billion mobile devices around the world, the majority of which have access to the internet.

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Preparing for the future workplace

According to the World Economic Forum, 35% of the skills necessary to thrive in a job today will be different just five years from now though, so it’s vital for kids to be prepared. RS Components surveyed parents across the UK to find out how many parents in each major city are preparing their kids for the future workplace.

Norwich takes the lead with 50% of parents already preparing their children for the future of the workplace. Although those parents can’t predict the types of jobs that will exist in the future, it’s important that the children of today learn a variety of skills to keep up the pace.

Coming in second place is Glasgow where over a third (41%) of parents are preparing their children for their future jobs. One of the parents surveyed said “I allow supervised access to tablets, consoles, TVs and laptops to enhance their understanding, so the use of tech becomes second nature and part of everyday life.” When looking at the sort of jobs children could be working in the future, tech is very integrated.

What new jobs could there be in the future?

AI-assisted healthcare technicians could be a popular profession in the near future, where patients won’t go to the doctor and an AI-assisted healthcare technicians will show us at their door and use AI-enhanced software to perform surgery with the help of technology – therefore, no medical degree will be needed.

If healthcare isn’t a profession that some children of today want to go into, then there are other career paths that will be made available. Such as Cyber City Analysts – in the cities of the future, data collected from millions of sensors will keep services like power and waste collection churning along. The city will collect a variety of data, such as, bio-data, citizen data and asset data – the city analyst would need to fix things if anything were to go wrong.

New jobs like AI-assisted Healthcare Technicians, Cyber City Analysts, Virtual Store Sherpa and Genetic Diversity Officer are just some of the high-tech jobs that could be future roles for our children.

With the increase in technology and access to resources, research now reveals that children are becoming more tech-aware. Parents, too, have noticed this opportunity to get their kids well-taught with new technology to ensure they are ready for the workplace.

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Using Technology to Teach

At The Tutor Team, we have a high-tech private tutoring solution that not only introduces to children to high-quality, experienced tutors, but delivers lessons in a way that builds IT and tech skills.  Tutors teach lessons in online Tutor Rooms, where students meet their tutor one-to-one in a virtual classroom.  Students and Tutors work together on interactive whiteboards, can produce graphs and charts, upload and download documents, use the internet, practice exam papers, annotate and edit documents.  Director, Anthony Rose, said ‘we believe this high-tech solution is the future of learning for modern children.  Children learn quickly through tech, which gives brilliant academic results, but they also need to practice their tech skills to prepare them for the future workplace.’

From making children more tech aware to teaching them general life skills such as resilience, creativity and values, the survey reveals just how many parents across the UK are preparing their children for the future workplace.

For more information, view the story on RS Components here.

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*This research was carried out by RS Components.  See the full study  

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