Proof reading and Editing Service

The Tutor Team offers a first-class proof reading and editing service for essays, dissertations, theses and articles. Whatever the size of your project we can offer detailed feedback and corrections, so your final draft will be precise, polished and in perfect academic style.

• All our editors are native English speakers
• All our editors are graduates
• All our editors are experienced proof readers
• All editors in our current team are also tutors and teachers, so can offer extra guidance with academic writing style
• Straightforward pricing structure

• Develop your academic writing style
• Ensure your work has the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
• Check that your argument flows
• Suggest alternative vocabulary
• Reduce the word count
• Sharpen sentence structure and improve syntax
• Check your referencing where relevant

Meet Our Team

Anthony psychology tutor

Anthony Curtis BSc., MSc., PGCE

Anthony has published five textbooks in psychology and more than 40 peer reviewed journal articles in psychology over the past 20 years. He has been Editor/Senior Editor of Psychology Review, Oxford, since 1994.

Melanie King BA., HSC

Melanie has been an English teacher for 22 years and is an English examiner for AQA. Her skills and experience include being a Literacy Coordinator and an Academic Mentor. She is an experienced proof reader and editor.

About the tutor team - this is Dr Janet Rose - History Tutor

Janet Rose, DPhil (Oxon)., MSt (Oxon)., CertEd

Janet has a doctorate in History from the University of Oxford and has been an academic proof reader for 12 years. She teaches Academic Writing courses and is a member of the Society for Editors and Proof readers.

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