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The IB Diploma is challenging and demanding.  It requires students to maintain a high quality of work right across the 2 academic years.  Working with a top-quality IB tutor, or team of subject tutors, is the best way to improve your teenager’s chances of performing well in the IB. 

We’ve worked with students all over the world, from the UK and across Europe to Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA, mainland China, Kuwait, Korea, India and more.  We can deliver high-quality, professional IB support to your home online.

We are proud to report that from 2016 to date,

100% of our IB students have achieved level 6 or 7. 

The modern eco-friendly option

We are all increasingly concerned about our impact on the environment, and there is no doubt that traditional tutoring has a significant carbon footprint. 

Extensive driving to students’ homes covering many miles per day, and printing endless resources, means that tutors consume huge quantities of fuel, paper, ink and plastic cartridges. 

What if there is a way of having the same high-quality tutoring, but with minimal impact on the environment?

*No fuel  *No emissions  *No paper  *No ink  *No plastic cartridges

The solution is our Online One-to-One Tutoring Service

All lessons are one-to-one and occur online in a safe private classroom.

Live video chat allows tutors and students to talk freely, and interactive whiteboards allow co-viewing and co-editing of resources (e.g. diagrams, notes and questions).

Share files with a single click and work through questions and practice exam papers together, live on screen. 

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Why choose The Tutor Team?

As well as gaining access to a wide range of highly qualified and experienced tutors, by choosing the The Tutor Team you’ll benefit from:

Personalised service

We offer a free consultation to find out about your child’s needs and every lesson is bespoke – tailored to suit your child’s level, learning style and targets.

Clear communication

We will send you a lesson report after every lesson so you know what has been covered, what needs work, and if any homework has been set. 

Simple, secure payment

You will have your own secure account with a quick and easy payment system.  You will always be able to see charges and manage your account from your computer, tablet or phone.

Help and advice

Our friendly office team are available to offer advice and listen to you if you need assistance.  We will also keep in touch via courtesy calls/emails, so you will always have an opportunity to speak to us.

Whether you’re ready to get started or you want to discuss your options, get in touch to find out how the Tutor Team can help.

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