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psychology tutor

(Psychology & Maths)

Anthony is Head of Psychology at a leading UK independent school. He is an A-Level Examiner and Editor of Psychology Review, the leading magazine for A-level students. He has published 6 books and more than 200 articles in psychology and medical education. He loves inspiring, teaching and learning, getting the very best out of students and pupils, regardless of their level of education and background.

Dr Lynda
(English Language and Literature)

Dr Lynda has a BA and a PhD (1st) in Journalism and Writing. She is an English and Creative Writing Tutor who has been educating and mentoring students of all ages and abilities for over 10 years. She is a published author and an experienced Editor.

(Oxbridge Entrance & Politics)

Christopher is a Cambridge University graduate with a BA and MA (1st) in History. He has 40 years tutoring and lecturing experience. He has published a number of books and articles in the UK, US and Israel and has been interviewed on radio and TV.

About the tutor team - this is Dr Janet Rose - History Tutor

Dr Janet
(History & English)

Janet gained a Master’s Degree in History and a Doctorate from the University of Oxford. She is a highly-experienced tutor and Educational Consultant, who specialises in exam coaching and academic writing. She has won a number of academic awards and scholarships, and has written numerous articles for A-level History students. Janet is founder and CEO of The Tutor Team.

Chemistry tutor international tutor

Dr Ahmed

Dr Ahmed is a Ph.D. holder from Mansoura University. He has a passion for teaching and working with students. He loves learning and enjoys the energy that comes out of a classroom when students are fully engaged in their learning. In addition, with his life experiences and knowledge, he believes he can really help his students grow and thrive”. He is currently lecturing at The University of science, Malaysia.

This is Jemma, one of our team of tutors

(Maths, Sciences & Common Entrance)

Jemma has a Masters Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. She also has a PGCE in Education Studies. Jemma has been a private tutor for the last 6 years tutoring all over the World as well as tutoring on-line in the UK.

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