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For university graduates

You have your university degree and you are now entering the UK job market. Congratulations on your well-earned academic achievement.

But now you need to enter the job market and start your career at a time of pandemic–generated recession and rising unemployment. You realise this is a big challenge, especially if you are an overseas student who wishes to gain work experience in the UK, but you don’t know the UK job market or recruitment processes. 

The best way to ensure success is to work with an experienced, professional Careers Consultant.


Our specialist Career Consultants are highly-skilled and experienced individuals who bring you a wealth of business and recruitment knowledge.  Together they offer you;

the personal guidance of a top UK businessman who has worked at director level for multi-billion-pound companies and who has personally recruited hundreds of positions for global companies

the skills of a successful recruitment consultant and head hunter, who is also a specialist Business English teacher and CV writer

the knowledge and experience of a former Head of Careers in a top UK Independent School, who has specialist CV writing and application letter skills, plus offers confidence building and interview technique training

the business experience and skills of a consultant who has worked as a specialist securing apprenticeships and traineeships for young people


Your bespoke Careers Consultancy package is aimed specifically at helping you into work as a UK Graduate. You will receive:

A Consultation and Service plan tailored to you as an individual and targeting your chosen industry,

CV writing training and tailoring of CV to your chosen industry

Construction of an effective covering letter to accompany CV

Confidence building and personal presentation for interview success

Networking skills training

Practice interviews to include a minimum of 2 interviews with a single ‘employer’ and a panel interview

Signposting to appropriate agents and companies who are currently recruiting using our industry knowledge

Introduction to agents made by our team

Best endeavours to secure you 3 interview opportunities

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The Tutor Team Guarantee

We will never offer your child an unqualified student, someone without a police check, or anyone who isn’t experienced.

We only work with highly-qualified, experienced tutors.

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