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How to stand out in your personal statement for engineering - another blog by the experts at The Tutor Team

Personal Statement for Engineering – How to Structure Yours

When you start thinking about writing your personal statement, it can be more challenging if you’re applying for a subject which is not commonly taught in schools. Engineering is a very popular course choice with great career and development opportunities. It also has a wide variety of choices within the degrees available. This can make

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Series and parallel circuits

Today I am covering series and parallel circuits. In my last two posts I wrote about charge, current and voltage, and then about resistance. I tried to give a clear picture of what each one is and what it is not. If you have not read those, I suggest reading those first before you go

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Uncertainties in Physics - Another blog by the experts at The Tutor Team

Uncertainties in Physics

As part of the A-level practical endorsement, and on the exam papers, you will be expected to show competence in answering uncertainties questions in physics. Uncertainties questions in physics are almost always in the context of a practical, and they tend to follow a similar format each time they appear. This means you can learn

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