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A view into the future (Part 1): Split brains, gut bacteria

Split brains, gut bacteria: Hello all.   Time for another strange, interesting, mind boggling (and slightly scary!) blog post. This one is all about the future of technology and how it might possibly be integrated with humans and… our brains! In Physics there are many topics which are a little strange and do not seem

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Intermolecular Forces

Intermolecular forces 1: Van der Waals

Intermolecular forces 1: Van der Waals So, in this series I want to go over what intermolecular forces are, the three types to consider and what sets each type apart from the other.   Firstly, what do we mean by intermolecular forces? The inter part essentially means between, as in international travel means travel between

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What is aromatic Chemistry? (A-level Chemistry)

So, second in my run of posts targeted at A-level Chemistry and I’m touching on Aromatic Chemistry! What is it?? Essentially, it is the study of benzene and benzene type organic compounds. The word is referring to the very strange way the bonding occurs inside a benzene ring. This bonding is a little odd, and

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