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Thoughts - header image - another blog by the experts at The Tutor Team

Thoughts that can stop you studying

Study Skills – Beware these two thoughts… Sometimes we get all caught up with the small issues of our lives and end up viewing them as more important than they really are. I suppose you could say we see them as everything. For example, you’re studying for a test and it’s hard and you get

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Learning science - another expert blog by The Tutor Team

Learning Science – Can It Make You Happy?

Can learning science make you happy?   Every now and then something will catch your attention and have a strong physiological effect on you. Your eyes will open a little wider, your pupils will dilate, your mouth will drop open and you may gasp or say “wow!”. The word for this emotional response is awe.

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We will never offer your child an unqualified student, someone without a police check, or anyone who isn’t experienced.

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