3D Design & Printing


1.5hrs per week for 5 weeks (5 week course)

Available to: people who want to learn how to use 3D design and print for their ideas.

Overview:  Over the duration of the course, learn the principles of 3D Design; you will identify the different materials used to create objects, see the environmental considerations of design in the 21st century, practise using 3D modelling software, and then explore how 3D printers turn your online models into reality.

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Session Timetable: 3D Design & Printing 

Session Description 

1 What is 3D Design?

2 Introduction to materials & software

3 Turning objects into 3D models

4 Creating personal designs

5 Design competition & logistics of 3D printing


Note: Insight Education reserves the right to make changes/refinements to the above session timetable at  short notice, but certifies that any changes will achieve the same outcomes as listed under the course  description.



Age / Duration

Adult 5 Week Course, 12-17yrs 5 Week Course, 12-17yrs 1 Week Course


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no minimum booking requirement. 

However, we would recommend a minimum of 8 lessons to begin to see a real difference in your child’s ability.

We will contact you after the first lesson to see how everything went for you and your child.  If you have any doubts or concerns at all, this is your opportunity to tell us.  It is very rare that a child does not get on with a tutor, but if this is the case we will offer you another suitable tutor.  We currently have 70 tutors on our books from which to choose.

The short answer here is ‘yes’.  When we began to work online with younger children during the lockdown we were unsure how they would manage, but they are brilliant online.  As younger children are adaptable and very quick to learn new things, they have proven to be more adept and more natural online than many older children and adults.

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