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30 Minute Maths

30 Minute Maths is a new and innovative way to keep young people interested in Maths, to build confidence, and to stop skills getting rusty.

The tutors teach the renowned Corbett Maths system in such an engaging way that your children will find themselves looking forward to maths class!

At £15 for a 30 minute online session, your child will learn how to use maths in their daily life. Chris and Mary are very experienced tutors and will adapt their teaching styles to suit your child where necessary.

You can buy as many lessons as you’d like, or just one at a time.

Once we receive your order, a member of the office team will contact you to arrange a time & date for tutoring.  

Refer a friend! Once your friend books and pays for 3 lessons, you get one free!

Hear from some of our pupil’s parents.

Charlie is Year 8 and has been taking Chris’ classes for a few weeks now.

We also have an 8 year old, a 6 year old and a 37 year old all learning maths successfully using this method!


Zoe is the mum of Phoebe who has been working with Chris through Lockdown.




The Tutors:

Christopher C.




B.Ed. Mathematics, B.Sc. General Maths & Science


Christopher is a Freelance Tutor who has 28 years of full-time teaching experience and worked as Head of Department in a large Somerset college from 1992 to 2014.

Christopher has an enthusiasm and interest in mathematics and can raise self-confidence and belief by making maths fun. He concentrates on setting the language in context and building clear scaffolding in topics based on his insight and understanding of the subject.

He is an efficient tutor and can cover a large amount of work in a relatively small amount of time, by developing effective and enjoyable one-to-one tutoring techniques.

Client Review for Christopher: Chris is amazing. He has made Megan feel welcome and also made her believe she can achieve her goal in maths. For the first time ever, Megan has enjoyed maths. We are so glad to have Chris help.




Mary P.Mary P

Maths, English, Primary, GCSE Preparation, SEN



BA (Hons) Childhood Studies, AMBDA Accreditation, Professional Master’s Programme pathway in Specific Learning Difficulties/Dyslexia

Mary is a specialist Dyslexia Tutor and Assessor and has had years of experience supporting individuals in their learning along with boosting confidence and self-belief.

As a tutor Mary provides support for general learning in particular with Maths and English to Primary and Secondary learners who need a boost in confidence. The learner’s needs are assessed and tuition is tailored according to the learning style and needs of the individual student. This includes a range of learning resources and games to aid with learning and to target weaker areas of understanding.

Mary has worked closely with the school’s SENCO to support and enhance the learning of children with specific learning needs, including Dyslexia.

As a sixth form tutor for the past three years, Mary supports students with their Maths and English GCSE Exam preparations, teaches students study skills + time management skills, and keeps them on track with their deadlines and targets. Alongside this, she provides pastoral support.


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no minimum booking requirement. 

However, we would recommend a minimum of 8 lessons to begin to see a real difference in your child’s ability.

We will contact you after the first lesson to see how everything went for you and your child.  If you have any doubts or concerns at all, this is your opportunity to tell us.  It is very rare that a child does not get on with a tutor, but if this is the case we will offer you another suitable tutor.  We currently have 70 tutors on our books from which to choose.

The short answer here is ‘yes’.  When we began to work online with younger children during the lockdown we were unsure how they would manage, but they are brilliant online.  As younger children are adaptable and very quick to learn new things, they have proven to be more adept and more natural online than many older children and adults.

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