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Why should you book a maths tutor?

Maths and English are most important

Maths and English are in my view the most important subjects to do well in at school.  There are many reasons for this but mainly because you will be barred from entry to University unless you have at least a grade 4 in both subjects, which is a very good incentive to do well in both subjects.

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Some students can be successful in English but often fail in Maths or vice versa. I have taught many students who have failed several attempts to pass Maths GCSE before contacting me.   Some students who are taking GCSE only make contact a few months before their exam in the last year of A level. Then their whole future rests on getting the grade 4 in Maths giving themselves only a short time to sort out problems.  An important lesson here is to book a maths tutor in good time!

My advice to parents is if your son or daughter shows any problems in Maths and their school report indicates failures in Maths then seek help from a personal tutor as early as possible.

Students may have problems in learning mathematics.  Rectifying this as soon as the problem arises pays the best dividends. A personal tutor can help students in their work by trying to improve confidence in the subject and then they can make progress in the more difficult areas.

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I have taught many students privately in my time and I know what a difference it makes to have that one-to-one session with a tutor who can listen, recognise problematic areas, develop skills, and help students to become more confident in a subject they have never found easy to understand.

You can book a maths tutor for younger children too

Having taught many pupils from as young as 7,8,9 years old, it is my experience that if you can sort out any misconceptions from an early age via a personal tutor, then the child develops confidence and progress can be transferred to the classroom. A personal tutor can set solid foundations that will support mathematical pathways for future life.

conveyor belt

In age 11 to 16 progress in Maths is like being on a conveyer belt where it feels as though you cannot get off to consider and absorb all the information being taught. The pace of lessons is rapid and students often start to struggle in class and especially when it comes to being alone with homework and revision. A personal tutor can teach the work again at the students’ pace and start to make progress with both classwork and revision.

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A level students often benefit from maths tuition

Sometimes, as students start A level mathematics, they find difficulties with the work as there is a huge step up in the understanding of the subject. If, as a parent you identify there is a problem then you should get in touch with a personal tutor as soon as possible. A tutor will help your child gain more confidence, improve their understanding in the subject thus leading to better progress, and give you peace of mind as parent that they are best prepared for the future.

A Bit About Our Maths Tutors

We have a wide range of experienced, PGCE qualified teachers of mathematics.  Our tutors have taught maths in schools or colleges.

We specialise KS3, GCSE, A level maths including Pure Maths, Mechanics and Stats, but we also have Tutors who teach maths at university level and are standing by to help undergraduates and post-graduates.

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The Tutor Team Guarantee

We will never offer your child an unqualified student, someone without a police check, or anyone who isn’t experienced.
We only work with highly-qualified, experienced tutors.

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