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Math: Why is it unpopular with students?

Math, the science of logical and abstract thinking, the tool for revealing hidden patterns and structures, is an indispensable science for our lives and is fundamental to technological advancement.
It helps to find solutions to many questions and problems which surrounds us and is irreplaceable for many other sciences.
For students of all ages, it develops concentration, curiosity, discipline, patience, goal orientation, creativity, and critical thinking. It is about processes and it is beautiful.

Why is Math unpopular?

But why is math so unpopular to many students? Why is Math like a rock band? One-half of the people fly on it, the other immediately turns his eyes and shakes his head. I received during my long math tutoring practice the following answers:

“Math is boring and I almost fall asleep”
“The subject is difficult, too complicated to understand it”
“I can not handle numbers well. If I do not understand something, then I hang on and then stick to the next topic.
“Math is simply not fun, it is uninteresting””The problem with math is that it frustrates you.
One usually does not understand the topic straightaway”

And adults out of school often said:
“Mathematics was my fear subject in school. I hated it “

What is the reason for these statements and opinions?

I think that many students have not learned the important fundamentals of mathematics properly, or that mathematics is sometimes too abstract for some students, leading to unpopularity in the subject. Fundamentals are very important for mathematics

In mathematics, one does not understand anything at first and many students just do not bring the necessary energy to deal with the matter, do not try hard to understand why it is exactly like that. This point just depresses and frustrates and that’s why this subject becomes a hated subject.

A Bad Start Can Cause Problems

Mathematics is also often so unpopular because the subject is taught very often wrongly and unkindly, and good teachers are not always good educators.

I think it’s just certain events that make one more motivated, give an impulse. If you have trouble with math since the beginning, you will not catch up with them so easily if you do not really like math.

Here an experienced Tutor can help.

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