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titration calculation concentrations - a blog by the subject experts at The Tutor Team

Performing a Titration Calculation (part 3 of 3)

Completing a titration calculation This is the third post in my series on moles. This one covers performing a titration calculation. You can click here to see part one and part two. In this post, we look at how to use a titration result

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More on Moles (part 2 of 3)

Part 2 of 3 on moles Today’s blog post will be the second part of a three-part series on a Chemistry topic called moles. I wrote the first part called ‘What is a Mole?’ recently and I would suggest reading that first, but essentially

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What is a mole? A blog by the subject experts at The Tutor Team

What is a mole?

No, not that type of mole!   This post is most suited to those of you studying GCSE Chemistry and confused about the topic of moles, which is within the area of Chemistry known as quantitative chemistry. As a private tutor, I have become

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Using computer games to learn

Using computer games to learn

I want to write today about the using computer games in education. I don’t mean the ‘see how many questions you can get right to beat the other team’ games. What I am talking about, is immersive computer games in which you have to

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Improving science exam techniqu

Improving exam technique in the sciences

Improving exam technique in the sciences: 1 – Success with calculations. Improving exam technique When students are active in improving exam technique they achieve increased examination scores. In turn, these improvements can be the difference between securing a place at a prestigious University or

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Curiosity: Reality is stranger than we can suppose

Curiosity The title of today’s post is actually a quote from a scientist. I had to Google it if I’m being honest, but it came from J.B.S. Haldane who was actually a biologist and a mathematician, although I will today be writing about a few

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Scientific Language blog post image

Scientific language and terminology

Scientific Language – When trying to understand the universe, the laws of nature and how reality seems to be; we humans have a difficult time because it is just so complex. One technique which works well most of the time is to categorise, group

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energy – what is it – A blog by the science experts at the tutor team


In this post, I want to dive into one particular topic, energy, because it causes a lot of confusion amongst learners and parents of learners. I shall attempt to show why it is confusing and to then alleviate it, with any luck!   Keywords

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learning science cognitive - a blog by the experts at The Tutor Team

Learning Science – Is there a science to it?

The learning mystery If we could see thinking and learning, what would they look like? How would we tell when they have happened, and how could we make them happen faster next time? These are just some of the questions teachers grapple with. For

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bayes theorem by the expert tutors at The Tutor Team


The Counter-intuitive results of BAYES’ THEOREM   No need to look up the meaning of these symbols, we just give you (one version) of Bayes’ Formula for reference.   All you need is explained below!       Especially relevant during a pandemic, is

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