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7 Ways to help your teenager with English essays

I have often heard parents say that they’d like to help their teenager with an assignment, but they’re not sure exactly how.  The new GCSEs and A levels have muddied the waters even further, as most parents are now unsure exactly what is being

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Support Child GCSE Alevel

Understand your child’s GCSE, IGCSE or A level

It is hard to understand your child’s GCSE, IGCSE or A level if you do not have a background in education. Parents often tell us they are completely confused by the courses their children study at school.  This is perfectly understandable, as the GCSE/IGCSE

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Language Skills: how we can learn from the world around us

Turning accidental language learning into fun practice Like language skills, all subjects come with practical applications in the ‘real world’. Classic examples include mental maths being handy when calculating the expected cost of supermarket purchases. Whilst having a good knowledge of written English and

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stress and anxiety

Stress and Anxiety: 10 ways to help your child

Stress and Anxiety – What’s the difference? At this time of year, many of our children will be experiencing stress and anxiety. This blog clarifies the difference between stress and anxiety and provides 10 ways you can help your child create good mental health

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exam anxiety

Exam anxiety: How to keep calm during exams

Exam Anxiety: Before the exam Get good rest Avoid exam anxiety by getting a good night’s sleep before every exam day. You might be tempted to stay up cramming until late, but it is usually a mistake. You will think better and be calmer

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Procrastination: Help your child get on with their work  

Procrastination – what is it?   ‘Procrastinare’ The Latin meaning putting forward until tomorrow Procrastination is putting off a task that needs to be done.  It may seem hard to believe but procrastination hasn’t always been seen as a negative behaviour (Van Eerde, 2003).  In the 1600s procrastination

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Discovering technology for language learning

Technology for Language Learning

When I was teaching Italian at the University of Hull a few years ago, one of the recurrent questions students asked me was – “Vincenzo, how can I improve my Italian?”. Years after, in one of my EFL DipTesol training sessions the other day, Simon (the

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Support your child’s memory

This is the first of two blogs on how you can best support your child’s memory. In the first blog we will learn about how important lifestyle factors lay the foundations for good memory acquisition, retention and recall. In the second blog we will

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