lockdown learning

Lockdown Learning: 6 ways to help your teen cope

LOCKDOWN LEARNING  2021 has arrived and with it the return of lockdown learning and home-schooling.  Whilst that has resulted in an enormous amount of juggling for parents (especially if you are working from home yourself) and teaching staff, it’s your teenager who’ll be feeling

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Books to read this summer

9 books your teenager should read in lockdown

Why these books? I have been a tutor of A-level English for more than 13 years. During this time, I have helped many young people understand and interpret the books on the syllabus, or those chosen for their coursework.  I’ve put together the best

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Exams Cancelled

How to prepare for teacher assessment

I wrote this blog post earlier in the school year, when I had a nasty feeling that whatever was being said publicly, the 2021 exams were not secure.  Like many of us, in the uncertain world of the pandemic, it seemed far from certain

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private tutors

3 reasons why parents book private tutors

Our tag line at The Tutor Team is ‘unlock your child’s potential’, because that is what every parent who books private tutors wants to achieve and because that is what our private tutors are aiming to do.  We are aiming to give a child

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significance history

GCSE History: Understand Significance

What is significance in GCSE history? Significance is becoming an increasingly important skill in GCSE history and IGCSE history. All the exam boards are now looking for an understanding of significance to get a high grade, so it needs to appear in essays. The

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How to analyse poems using SMILE

Any student studying at a UK school or an International school will have to analyse poems in English Literature, because the GCSE and IGCSE exam boards have a collection of poems (anthologies) to be studied.  At least one of these poems will need to

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raise their grade

5 ways to help your child raise their grade

Raise their grade by consolidating school work. The easiest way to help your child raise their grade is by consolidating the work they do at school.  Lessons often move fast at school (particularly at GCSE and A Level) and your child will receive a

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Frankenstein free lesson

Free GCSE English Lesson: Frankenstein

This post is a free GCSE English lesson designed to get you and your teenagers discussing books.  If you work through this post you will see I have given you a PDF version of the book and I have given you questions to discuss

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auditory learner

7 ways to get the best results from private tutoring

Private tutoring is an increasingly popular choice for parents and it gets good results.  Engaging a private tutor is an investment in your child’s future, but how can you get the best value for your money and get the very best outcome for your

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