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In this post, I want to dive into one particular topic, energy, because it causes a lot of confusion amongst learners and parents of learners. I shall attempt to show why it is confusing and to then alleviate it, with any luck!   Keywords

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learning science cognitive - a blog by the experts at The Tutor Team

Learning Science – Is there a science to it?

The learning mystery If we could see thinking and learning, what would they look like? How would we tell when they have happened, and how could we make them happen faster next time? These are just some of the questions teachers grapple with. For

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bayes theorem by the expert tutors at The Tutor Team


The Counter-intuitive results of BAYES’ THEOREM   No need to look up the meaning of these symbols, we just give you (one version) of Bayes’ Formula for reference.   All you need is explained below!       Especially relevant during a pandemic, is

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Love or hate science - coloured block image - The Tutor Team

Why do people love and hate science?

Science is Cool. What is science? Look at the cube on the right. Notice the brown tile in the centre on the top of the cube? Now, look at the face that is in the shade. See the orange tile in the centre? Would

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DIrect and inverse proportion

Direct and Inverse Proportion

One of the old favourites – Proportion is often something that many students struggle with. It sits in the ‘sweet spot’ of level 4 / 5, and so in order to get those all-important marks at that level, it is one of the topics

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Improving number confidence - A fraction at a time

Improving number confidence – A fraction at a time

The term fraction comes from the Latin word ‘frangere’ to break and was first used to represent a broken number.  As early as 1800 BC the Egyptians were using fractions in their scriptures.   I often stated that multiplying fractions together is one of

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Probability a master class

Probability – A Master Class

A Master class in Probability Work – a beautiful way in towards understanding from Saturday morning workshop adventure The fascinating topic of probability is more relent now than ever.  We take probability choices every day of our lives and make critical decisions to enhance

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maths teacher

Standard Form

Standard Form – What is it? Standard Form is a way to write really large or really small numbers. It is a way to write these numbers in a format that everyone agrees to.   What’s in a name? Although the idea is to

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online maths tutor

Why should you book a maths tutor?

Maths and English are most important Maths and English are in my view the most important subjects to do well in at school.  There are many reasons for this but mainly because you will be barred from entry to University unless you have at

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quadratic equations


Quadratic Equations It has been my experience that students overcomplicate the topic of quadratic equations. There are a number of different ways to solve quadratic equations in addition to factorising, such as: the ‘difference of two squares’ (Level 6); the quadratic formula (Level 7),

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