Intro to A level chemistry

Chemical bonding and electronegativity

A recap At GCSE we learned that the three types of chemical bonds:   Covalent bonding: The electrons are shared between the atoms. The positively charged nuclei of each atom are attracted to theshared electrons. Covalent bonding usually lead to molecules being formed, which

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How to get a higher grade in GCSE English

How to Get a Higher Grade in English GCSE

Getting a high grade in GCSE English can be a challenging task, but with the right approach and some hard work, it is definitely achievable. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some effective strategies to help you get a high grade

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Rationalising the denominator - Another expert blog by the subject experts at The Tutor Team

Rationalising the denominator

Rationalising the denominator   This is something which comes up in the topic of surds, although the word denominator is a term which comes up in fractions and so this Maths skill combines both topics as well as a few skills from algebra thrown

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Cambridge University EPQ

EPQ: How to get 28 UCAS points for your students

University entrance is getting ever more competitive. Students increasingly compete to be accepted to the top universities and onto courses that are oversubscribed. Having 28 extra UCAS points is a huge boost to an application, raising the applicant above the competition. So how do

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Algebra for parents - Another expert blog by the subject experts at The Tutor Team

Algebra for Parents

This is for all of those parents out there who are trying to help their children to understand their Maths homework, but are struggling to understand it themselves! I mean, we all know that 2+2=4 and many of us will know our times tables

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heat and temperature - header image - another expert blog by The Tutor Team

Heat and Temperature: An Introduction

An introduction to heat and temperature Let’s try and get our head around heat and temperature. A concept we thought at least this one we understood and then our Physics teacher took that away from us as well didn’t they??   7 WAYS TO

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Thoughts - header image - another blog by the experts at The Tutor Team

Thoughts that can stop you studying

Study Skills – Beware these two thoughts… Sometimes we get all caught up with the small issues of our lives and end up viewing them as more important than they really are. I suppose you could say we see them as everything. For example,

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Learning science - another expert blog by The Tutor Team

Learning Science – Can It Make You Happy?

Can learning science make you happy?   Every now and then something will catch your attention and have a strong physiological effect on you. Your eyes will open a little wider, your pupils will dilate, your mouth will drop open and you may gasp

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Trigonometry and Pythagoras - algebra

Trigonometry and Pythagoras

Trigonometry and Pythagoras I want to focus in this post on the differences between trigonometry and pythagoras. When to use each one and so on. Let’s start by reminding ourselves of the equations you will hopefully be familiar with by now, presuming you have

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