Philosophy A level: 3 key skills to raise your grade

Studying Philosophy A level Taking philosophy A level can be a very daunting task as it is unlike learning any other subject. It is a hugely broad topic with many branches and a mind-boggling history of ideas to catch up on. However, learning philosophy will help support your understanding of other subjects, even if you

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study Shakespeare

Study Shakespeare: quick and easy study tips

For some people, Shakespeare is a joy to read and understand and they find ways to relate his stories to today’s society. But, for many students who have to study Shakespeare, it can feel like a chore and like learning another language! So, how to start with understanding the Shakespeare play you are studying? Many

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gcse history

GCSE history: The rise of Significance

What is significance in GCSE history? Significance is becoming an increasingly important skill in GCSE history. The AQA British paper has questions on significance and importance. This new skill has really extended the idea of consequence into a clear field: now consequences must have a great impact.   For GCSE history students this means that they must be

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mock results

Mock Results: What to do next?

If your son or daughter is studying for their GCSEs, A Levels or Pre-U they’ve most likely just sat mock exams and their mock results will be arriving. This blog post is to help you understand the significance of the mocks and how you can support your daughter or son to do their best in

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help your child

Help your child choose their GCSE & A Level subjects

Playing to their strengths: How to help your child pick their subjects I recently read that the more attractive and ornate the bird, the worse it’s singing voice is. This example led me to think about how animals naturally play to their strengths and how we should be utilising this more in education. Playing to their

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Mock exams

Mock exams: 3 ways to help your teenager prepare

Mock exams start next week in many schools in the UK and continue throughout January.  At The Tutor Team we are often asked by parents how to help their teenager prepare for mocks.  These 3 techniques are proven to be great exam preparation and will give your teenager a great start to the year. 1.

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business studies

Business Studies: why it is better to slow down in exams

Desirable difficulty As a Business Studies teacher keen to help my students, I am always interested in how exam questions are presented. Recently reading Malcolm Gladwell’s great read ‘David and Goliath’ I was puzzled to find a case where exam questions were deliberately written in hard to read text making students squint and concentrate so

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Pricing for The Tutor Team - Experience Online Tutors - Girl answering equations

Math: Why is it unpopular with students?

Math, the science of logical and abstract thinking, the tool for revealing hidden patterns and structures, is an indispensable science for our lives and is fundamental to technological advancement. It helps to find solutions to many questions and problems which surrounds us and is irreplaceable for many other sciences. For students of all ages, it

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