Understanding Simultaneous Equations

Understanding Simultaneous Equations by using teas and coffees As a young subject leader some years ago, I used various methods to help students understand and solve simultaneous equations in GCSE mathematics.  I remember vividly a significant moment when my classes made enormous progress by placing algebraic concepts into a practical setting.   I can highly recommend

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5 study habits of successful students: a parents’ guide

Study habits We all know that good study habits are vital to success and to getting good grades.  As parents, we also want to help our children achieve their best potential, so it makes sense to help them develop good study habits. Whilst forming new habits is not easy, the good news is that experts

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english literature

How to get high grades in English Literature

English Literature students often ask how to get high grades in GCSE, A Level or IB.  Usually they are doing ok, but they desperately want to write a top-grade essay. They just don’t know how.  In this article, we will explore a relatively simple way to raise your grade.   Use the correct terminology to get

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disabled teacher

The Benefits of a Disabled Tutor and Disability Education

Why consider working with a disabled tutor? In an age where whole libraries can literally be held in one’s hand from practically anywhere in the world, teaching has fundamentally and irrevocably changed.  The early-modern school system which took shape largely during the Victorian era saw facts become the centre piece of their approach. As the

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Essays analysis

Essay Writing. What do teachers mean by analysis?

It is the time in the school year when Year 13 students are writing up an important essay, whether it is the NEA for A level, the PI for Cambridge Pre-U, or finishing the EPQ.   Most Year 10 and Year 12 students have now done their first assignments for GCSE, IGCSE, AS Level and

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How to Study Gothic Literature: Setting and Themes

Why study Gothic literature? Before we consider how to study Gothic literature, it is worth considering why it is important.  A quick look through the various GCSE, IGCSE, A level and IB English syllabuses reveals that the Gothic genre appears frequently.  It is a popular choice for schools, with well-known classics like Frankenstein or Jekyll

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