Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde: a free GCSE English Lesson:

This is the second in the series of free English lessons designed to get you and your teenagers discussing books.  This week we will be looking at the 19th-century novel Jekyll and Hyde.  This is probably the most popular 19th-century novel chosen by schools for GCSE and IGCSE.  It is on the English Literature syllabus

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Frankenstein free lesson

Free GCSE English Lesson: Frankenstein

This is the first free GCSE English lesson in a series designed to get you and your teenagers discussing books.  I am starting with the section of the GCSE English Literature syllabus where your teenager will need to study a 19th-century novel.  This week we will be looking at Frankenstein – a popular choice with

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Free English Lesson

Free Lessons for Home Learning: English Part One

English Part 1:  Free Lessons on 3 American Classics  However strange things may be at the moment with all our children learning from home, there is definitely scope for you to become involved in (and to understand) your children’s education like never before.  Therefore, over the next few weeks I will be writing a series of

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keep your children occupied at home

9 Ways to Keep your Children Occupied at Home on a Budget

My story This week’s blog is a bit different.  Rather than my usual focus on education for the parents of older children, I am focusing on younger children and those of you trying to keep your children occupied at home on a budget.  It is inspired by my daughter, Tess, who is currently trying to

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school closed

School closed due to coronavirus? Help your child learn at home

Globally we find ourselves in an unprecedented situation where students find their school closed, along with colleges and universities, in an attempt to stem the spread of Covid-19.  With their school closed, students are working at home to keep up with their studies and to prepare for their exams. In the UK, as well as

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raise their grade

5 ways to help your child raise their grade

Raise their grade by consolidating school work. The easiest way to help your child raise their grade is by consolidating the work they do at school.  Lessons often move fast at school (particularly at GCSE and A Level) and your child will receive a lot of information quickly.  Teachers introduce new skills regularly.  The school

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preparing for the workplace

Preparing our children for the future workplace

Technology is changing the world we live in – it’s helping many different industries thrive, and without it we wouldn’t be able to progress in many fields, such as medicine, innovating and improving the likes of supply chain and, more importantly, helping to preserve the environment and nature with the likes of artificial intelligence (AI).

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