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History GCSE or A-level: 3 proven ways to raise grades

Is your teenager studying for a GCSE or A-level in History?  Do you want to help them get a good grade? To get a high grade in history, they will need to be very organised.  History is very content heavy; they will be required to read, absorb, understand and remember a huge amount of information

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How to analyse poems using SMILE

Any student studying at a UK school or an International school will have to analyse poems in English Literature, because the GCSE and IGCSE exam boards have a collection of poems (anthologies) to be studied.  At least one of these poems will need to be analysed in an exam. Most boards will also expect a

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raise their grade

5 ways to help your child raise their grade

Raise their grade by consolidating school work. The easiest way to help your child raise their grade is by consolidating the work they do at school.  Lessons often move fast at school (particularly at GCSE and A Level) and your child will receive a lot of information quickly.  Teachers introduce new skills regularly.  The school

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Frankenstein free lesson

Free GCSE English Lesson: Frankenstein

This post is a free GCSE English lesson designed to get you and your teenagers discussing books.  If you work through this post you will see I have given you a PDF version of the book and I have given you questions to discuss with your teenager for every chapter. These questions are typical of

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Exams Cancelled

Exams cancelled next year?  How to prepare for teacher assessment

The government has just announced that in England the exams will go ahead but be put back by 3 weeks.  However, there has been an immediate backlash from unions and head teachers, who point out that this does not solve all the problems.  In particular, can there by a one-size-fits-all policy if different schools, classes

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auditory learner

7 ways to get the best results from private tutoring

Private tutoring is an increasingly popular choice for parents and it gets good results.  Engaging a private tutor is an investment in your child’s future, but how can you get the best value for your money and get the very best outcome for your child?   Here are 7 ways to get the best from private

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Mock exams

Mock exams: 3 ways to help your teenager prepare

Schools and Colleges are back and they all seem to be testing this term.  At The Tutor Team we work with students all over the UK and across the world, and our students are all telling us they have mock exams or tests coming up.  This makes perfect sense of course, as teachers need to

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English Comprehension

English comprehension tests: help your child succeed

English comprehension is a key test of English skills in exams and tests.  It is required to pass the 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A-level English Language.  So what are the key skills being tested and how can your child score high points on the test? Understanding Explicit and Implicit Information The single most

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How to Revise: 5 study tips that really work

Now school has (mostly) returned more and more of our students report that they will be doing tests or mocks this term.  These will be important as they will give teachers an understanding of pupils’ current levels after months of education disruption.   I would say they are also important to help students get back

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starting university

Starting University – 5 tips for new students

Congratulations – you are going to university! Your A levels are finished, UCAS is behind you and you’re off to university. Starting university should be exciting and fun, but it can also be a bit scary.  Here are 5 tips to help you settle in:  1) You may be moving into halls or a shared house Particularly in

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