online maths tutor

Why should you book a maths tutor?

Maths and English are most important Maths and English are in my view the most important subjects to do well in at school.  There are many reasons for this but mainly because you will be barred from entry to University unless you have at least a grade 4 in both subjects, which is a very

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quadratic equations


Quadratic Equations It has been my experience that students overcomplicate the topic of quadratic equations. There are a number of different ways to solve quadratic equations in addition to factorising, such as: the ‘difference of two squares’ (Level 6); the quadratic formula (Level 7), plotting the graphs of quadratic functions (Levels 5 – 7) and

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lockdown learning

Lockdown Learning: 6 ways to help your teen cope

LOCKDOWN LEARNING  2021 has arrived and with it the return of lockdown learning and home-schooling.  Whilst that has resulted in an enormous amount of juggling for parents (especially if you are working from home yourself) and teaching staff, it’s your teenager who’ll be feeling the effects – not seeing their friends or sharing classroom learning

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Books to read this summer

9 books your teenager should read in lockdown

Why these books? I have been a tutor of A-level English for more than 13 years. During this time, I have helped many young people understand and interpret the books on the syllabus, or those chosen for their coursework.  I’ve put together the best of the books I’ve had the pleasure of reading for my

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Exams Cancelled

How to prepare for teacher assessment

I wrote this blog post earlier in the school year, when I had a nasty feeling that whatever was being said publicly, the 2021 exams were not secure.  Like many of us, in the uncertain world of the pandemic, it seemed far from certain we would definitely do the exams and teacher assessment seemed like

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private tutors

3 reasons why parents book private tutors

Our tag line at The Tutor Team is ‘unlock your child’s potential’, because that is what every parent who books private tutors wants to achieve and because that is what our private tutors are aiming to do.  We are aiming to give a child that important boost of confidence, understanding and skill that will enable

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private tutor

9  things to ask a private tutor – before you book them

Do you have a DBS? This is the most important thing to check before you let a private tutor work with your child.  Have they passed a police check recently?  This is the DBS that checks for criminal records and if a person has been barred from working with children. Let’s just think about that

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significance history

GCSE History: Understand Significance

What is significance in GCSE history? Significance is becoming an increasingly important skill in GCSE history and IGCSE history. All the exam boards are now looking for an understanding of significance to get a high grade, so it needs to appear in essays. The AQA British paper has questions on significance and importance. This new

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history study

History GCSE or A-level: 3 proven ways to raise grades

Is your teenager studying for a GCSE or A-level in History?  Do you want to help them get a good grade? To get a high grade in history, they will need to be very organised.  History is very content heavy; they will be required to read, absorb, understand and remember a huge amount of information

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