Mock exams

Mock exams: 3 ways to help your teenager prepare

Schools and Colleges are back and they all seem to be testing this term.  At The Tutor Team we work with students all over the UK and across the world, and our students are all telling us they have mock exams or tests coming up.  This makes perfect sense of course, as teachers need to

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English Comprehension

English comprehension tests: help your child succeed

English comprehension is a key test of English skills in exams and tests.  It is required to pass the 11+, 13+, GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A-level English Language.  So what are the key skills being tested and how can your child score high points on the test? Understanding Explicit and Implicit Information The single most

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How to Revise: 5 study tips that really work

Now school has (mostly) returned more and more of our students report that they will be doing tests or mocks this term.  These will be important as they will give teachers an understanding of pupils’ current levels after months of education disruption.   I would say they are also important to help students get back

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starting university

Starting University – 5 tips for new students

Congratulations – you are going to university! Your A levels are finished, UCAS is behind you and you’re off to university. Starting university should be exciting and fun, but it can also be a bit scary.  Here are 5 tips to help you settle in:  1) You may be moving into halls or a shared house Particularly in

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school success

Starting the school year with A* study skills

The summer is nearly over and the new school year is almost here.  Your teenager may be starting GCSEs or A levels, maybe with new teachers and new subjects.   There is certainly going to be a different atmosphere than before Covid-19 and the lockdown, so how can your teenager start the new school year

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exams 2020

Exams 2020: how to retake your GCSEs or A Levels

As we all know, the GCSE and A Level Exams 2020 are very different because of the impact of coronavirus on education, the closure of schools and the cancellation of exams.  This left many students nervous about the process and concerned that they may not get the grades they could have achieved if they had

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Back to School

Back to school: How to Help your Child Catch Up Quick

How to help your child settle back to school It looks like everyone will be back to school in September, albeit in some places part time, and local lockdowns permitting.  We all are breathing a collective sigh of relief, but now we must face the challenge of making up for lost time and helping children

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private tutor

9  things to ask a private tutor – before you book them

Do you have a DBS? This is the most important thing to check before you let a private tutor work with your child.  Have they passed a police check recently?  This is the DBS that checks for criminal records and if a person has been barred from working with children. Let’s just think about that

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Help your Child with English

7 ways to help your child succeed at English

Get them reading to succeed at English The single most important thing you can do to help your child succeed at English is to encourage them to read.  By the time they get to GCSE/IGCSE they will need pretty advanced reading skills, to be able to understand, analyse and respond to a variety of texts.

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Books to read this summer

9 books your teenager should read this summer

Why these books? I have been a tutor of A-level English for 13 years. During this time, I have helped many young people understand and interpret the books on the syllabus, or those chosen for their coursework.  I’ve put together the best of the books I’ve had the pleasure of reading for my job, to

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