Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer a 20% discount on every lesson, for 2 students who are studying the same subject, at the same level and who share lessons. The students must attend together and both be present for the discount to apply.
Yes, we have specialist tutors who offer coaching for 11+, 13+, scholarship exams and UCAS entry. We also have tutors who offer Oxbridge entry packages.

We offer group workshops in Wiltshire, based in a purpose-built classroom with excellent facilities. We offer various Maths and English workshops, writing workshops (including essay writing skills), exam revision classes and training courses for tutors. We can also arrange mock exams for all subjects. Please contact us for the current programme.

We have excellent primary tutors in Wiltshire and Somerset, including Bath and Bristol. We do not currently provide online tuition to primary children as we find that young children often find it difficult to concentrate for long periods online.

You pay for an hour of private tuition, but you actually get much more than an hour’s work for your money. As part of the fee you will get:

  • Tutor preparation and planning for each session
  • A tutor report after each lesson, sent by email
  • Any resources the tutor shares with the student, for your exclusive use
  • A reasonable amount of marking and/or feedback on school work
  • A tutor Team Coordinator to answer your questions and provide customer help
  • Access to your own online dashboard to manage your account
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